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All our houses are each inspected four times per year. Three inspections are carried out during the tenancy and one after our student tenants have vacated. This 'final inspection' is carried out by an independent company.

We are very pleased with how well the vast majority of students look after their homes and we therefore try to reward those that do, by entering them into a Cash Prize Draw after each round of inspections.

We conduct a Cash Prize Draw for all houses situated to the North side of the city (broadly those serving York St John University and a further Cash Prize Draw for those houses situated to the South side of the city (broadly those serving the University of York). Each Prize Draw gives away TWO Cash Prizes of £100 each.

The winning houses are drawn by representatives from the Students Unions of York St John University and the University of York, usually the respective Presidents, Millie Beach and Laurie Illingworth.

So who are the Winners?

Summer 2017

Aimee Foster, Hannah Grant, Adam Woodall at 23 Newborough Street

Taraka Rhodes, Sian Paterson, Lucy Dinsdale, Jenny Morley at 27 Gordon Street

Spring 2017

Katie Knott, Stephanie Barnes, Olivia Quiney, Stephanie Garipis at 11 White Cross Gardens

Sze Ting Tan, Mark Edwards, Claire Chambers, Dominic Fanning at 3 Anson Drive

Autumn 2016

Liberty Martin, Daniel Burrows at 12 Scaife Gardens

Jasmine Fung, Aaron Sheldon, Lauren Steele at 4 Neptune House

Summer 2016

Thomas Hanak, Aneesa Hussain, Alice Kwan, Chelsea Voller, Isabelle Bilkus, Francis Overton-Eccles at Green Dykes Lane

studentgroup on sofa.jpgWhen new tenants move into a Sinclair managed house they are encouraged to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and all new followers are entered into a Prize Draw to win an iTunes voucher. 

The winners in Summer 2017 were  Grace Hamilton and  Lewis Dudley